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1st Choice Locksmith Houston, stocks many kinds of commercial locks hardware. So you can choose any colors and styles. For example, commercial locks come as deadbolts, knob locks, mortise locks, lever handles, and exit devices. Exit devices are also called panic bars. You could choose commercial locks according to the location where you wish to install them. For example, different types of locks suit entry to buildings and shops, passages, storerooms, employee document storage areas, cash drawers, etc.

High Security Key Systems 

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Exclusive key blanks with tight key duplication controls

Primus Patented High Security for pick resistant cylinders or geographic exclusivity of your key blanks, step up to Schlage Primus high-security cylinder system. No matter what level of security you need, 1st Choice locksmith offers a system to help you gain control and keep control of your key system.

What is Primus XP?
Primus XP is a patented side bit milling that precisely aligns five finger pins at a sidebar in the cylinder. This unique side bitingmakes unauthorized duplication virtually impossible and is also used to create geographically exclusive keys in a thousand available combinations. In addition to a conventional pin tumbler mechanism, Primus cylinders incorporate a patented finger pins and sidebardesign, providing a “dual locking” cylinder that is virtually pick-proof.  Primus XP technology can be used to upgrade an Everest or Classic system to a high-security cylinder.  Resistance to drilling and other physical attack is optional by specifying 20-500 Series UL437 Listed cylinders.

What is UL437?
The primary function of the UL437 standard is to certify that a cylinder is pick and drill resistant and canwithstand extreme physical attacks. Primus UL437 Listed cylinders have a series of hardened steel drill pins added to our already pick-resistant Primus cylinders. Since this adds cost to the cylinder for a feature that many customers don’t require, Schlage leaves the cylinder choice up to you.

Commercial Exit Devices


Exit Device

1st Choice Locksmith Houston supports a wide selection of commercial grade Exit Devices (panic bars) for any type of Commercial Building and to meet codes as, Life Safety, ADA application and Fire Rated Exit Devices.

1 st Choice Locksmith, Exit Device section features several types of Panic Hardware from Von Duprin, Corbin Russwin, Detex, Jackson Hardware, Dorma, Adams Rite, Monarch Hardware, Falcon, Dor-o-natic Hardware. We Carry the Von Duprin 22-Series for Narrow Stile and the popular Von Duprin 99-Series Exit Device. We also carry the Von Duprin 33A-Series, 98-Series and 88-Series Crossbar Panic Device. In addition we carry the Corbin Russwin ED8200 Exit Device, the EAX-500 and ECL-230D Exit Controls from Detex, Alarm Lock Siren Lock Exit Device (700)

Commercial Door Locks

                                                       Know Lock             Deadbolt schlage             

Grade 1 cylindrical knob locks have been engineered for years of dependable operation. They're offered in a complete range of functions and finishes and can be purchased with either conventional or SFIC cylinders and Interchangeable core I/C.

Deadlocks are engineered to perform under the most extreme conditions where security is critical. Our extra heavy duty deadlock surpasses the demands of industrial, institutional and commercial applications.

A professional commercial Houston locksmith both provides and installs locking systems at your business premises. He would quickly assess and give you an estimate of what is required. He can also assess your existing security system. They know how to best maintain a security system in your business premises.
1st Choice Locksmith Houston is a reputed commercial locksmiths offer all back-up, after sales, and maintenance services also. Do not hire unlicensed or unknown commercial locksmith. Licensed commercial locksmiths usually have a helpline and take emergency calls round-the-clock.
Katy commercial locksmith also helps to secure specific spaces in your commercial establishment. They could set up security solutions for safes, vaults, file cabinets, inner rooms, etc. where you store valuables and documents.
You could also think about upgrading the existing security system that you already have. Many people like to set up the security systems by themselves. However, when it comes to commercial establishments, it is best to let experts handle it. You don't need to do anything that would jeopardize the security of your business place.
Do not forget to have all the locks replaced if a burglary or theft takes place at your business premises. You should call the locksmith along with the police and insurance company. Most people forget to do this and suffer a repeat instance of security breach. Replacement of locks is essential after a break-in. You should always keep duplicate keys with you also. A commercial locksmith would be able to help you with all these issues.

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